The work zone of ALTRÓPICO includes the geographic area of northwestern Ecuador, southwestern Colombia, and part of the Ecuadorian Amazon.


In Ecuador we work with countless ethnic and community organizations such as: Federation of Awá Centers in Ecuador (FCAE), Federation of Chachi Centers in Ecuador (FECCHE), Nationality of Eperara Siapidaara in Ecuador (NAESE), Sapara Nation of Ecuador (NASE), the Indigenous Pasto Commune La Esperanza, the Afro-descendant Commune Playa de Oro and Afro-descendant and mestizo communities in Ecuador. We also work in various public and community protected areas such as the ecological reserves: Cayapas Mataje – RECC, El Ángel – REA and Cotacachi Cayapas RECC, Protected Forest Golondrinas – GBP, private forests and indigenous territories.

In Colombia we work in the department of Nariño and Putumayo with Awá organizations and communities of the Indigenous Unit of the Awá People (UNIPA), Cabildo Mayor Awa de Ricaurte (CAMAWARI), Association of Indigenous Councils of the Awá People of Putumayo (ACIPAP), as well as Pasto  and peasant communities in the Ecuador border area and together with the Peasant Development Association (ADC).