The Foundation for the Development of Community Alternatives for Conservation in the Tropics (ALTRÓPICO) is a non-govermental organization that has been addressing social and environmental issues in the bi-national region of southwestern Colombia and northwestern Ecuador since 1992. We were legally recognized by the Ecuadorian government through Ministerial Agreement No. 16, published in the Official Registry Nº908 on the 3rd of April, 1992.

One of the areas in which we work is the southern part of the bio-geographic region of Chocó. This region is considered by the international environmental community to be one of the world’s “Mega-biodiversity” hotspots. ALTRÓPICO’s staff has been working in this region for over 25 years.

ALTRÓPICO collaborates with indigenous, Afro-descendant and Mestizo organizations. Our programs and projects are designed to improve the living standards of these groups through economic alternatives that respect local and regional ecological processes and strengthen the capacity of these communities/organizations to participate in the regional, national and bi-national politics that affect their well-being and the natural resources in the region.

The conceptual framework of ALTRÓPICO recognizes the communities and their representative organizations as the most appropriate actors to carry out their own development – our support contributes to the environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability of this development.



Founder of ALTRÓPICO